about GUS the BUS

Gus’ was designed and built for the sole purpose of comfortably accommodating 8 guests with everything needed to make adventure packed and hassle free road trips in Australia.

Equipped with bunk beds, kitchen, fridge/freezer, flushing toilet, hot shower, BBQ, solar power and 800 litres of water it makes for the perfect adventure vehicle. With the added bonus of an 8 seat four wheel drive that gets towed behind, this is one serious rig!

Gus is fully set up for living off the grid with all waste being caught in tanks allowing us to free camp in the most remote locations and enjoy the starry outback night skies without leaving a trace.

The bus has heaps of equipment on board like surf boards, skate boards, stand up paddle boards, snorkels, fishing gear and more which you are welcome to use for free… AT YOUR OWN RISK! Unfortunately in todays society providing insurance for these is near impossible and ridiculous so you’ll need to take responsibility for yourselves.

An all-in-one travel experience.

Enjoy the comfort of sleeping in a bed – not a tent. Take hot showers. Cook in a kitchen if you want. Refrigerate your food. Charge your phones and laptops and cameras. In this hostel on wheels, you can do it all.

meet JOE, your travel partner

The owner and driver Joe came up with the idea of a travelling hostel as a way to sustainably travel, whilst being able to meet and share the experience with other backpackers from all over the world.

Joe is originally from England where he worked as an outdoor instructor and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in adventure sports and the natural environment. He came to Australia as a backpacker in 2011 and spent 2 years working and travelling around this vast country before flying onto New Zealand which is where he bought an old school bus and spent 3 months converting it into a travelling hostel.

After an amazing experience exploring New Zealand with countless travel mates, Joe sold the bus and returned to Australia to do the same thing.

Since returning to Western Australia in 2015, Joe and the new bus ‘Gus’ have been road tripping throughout Australia with hundreds of different travellers seeking out the ultimate experiences and finding the most breath taking free camps along the way.

meet Myles, your travel partner

Myles is a surfer and photographer from Albany, a small coastal town located in the South West corner of Western Australia. This is where Myles became drawn to the appreciation of the outdoors through surfing, camping and four-wheel driving. After leaving Albany Myles moved to Perth in 2015 where he studied Photography and Journalism.

Myles has spent a lot of time traveling, living overseas in Europe and Canada for much of 2017. During 2020 Myles took the opportunity to spend 10 months traveling Australia, while also moving to Lennox Head briefly. Eventually he completed a full lap of Australia visiting some of the most amazing and isolated camping and surfing destination on offer. Since returning to Western Australia, he has been studying Conservation and Land Management.

Myles has worked with Joe in 2019 and has also worked for other tour companies in 2017 and 2018. Having lived in Western Australia on and off for most of his life, Myles has extensive local knowledge of must see places all along the West Coast.

With a passion for adventure, surfing and living close to the land, he is always excited to be outdoors (especially if it has anything to do with the beach!).