Road 2 Adventure

Chasing adventure, off the beaten path.

Epic Road Trips with GUS and GERT

Meet Gus and Gert – our custom-built travelling hostels!

Bus drone camp spot near El Questro Myles

Gus and Gert comfortably accommodate eight guests per bus and all the gear required for a true Australian adventure holiday.

Check out some of the key features of our buses below:

Access Anywhere

Each bus tows a large four-wheel drive allowing us easy access to off-road locations and hidden gems.

Dedicated Beds

Put your head to rest in your own bed on the bus – wherever we are, you can sleep in style.

Cooking Facilities

With a full kitchen inside the bus and a slide out BBQ underneath, we can cook proper meals no matter rain or shine.

Shower Availability

Even in the middle of the outback, you can wash off the red dirt with a nice, hot shower.

Embark on a REAL Aussie Experience

Experience all Australia has to offer – relax, have fun, hang out, explore, travel.

Why Choose Road2Adventure?

We started Road2Adventure to share our nomadic lifestyle and passion for the outdoors with others. Creating a travelling hostel has allowed us to do that and because we love it, you will too – enthusiasm is infectious!

Personalised Experience

With only eight guests per bus, we take the time to get to know you and provide personalised experiences. When you hop on board, you become part of the Road2Adventure family.

Relaxed Vibe

While we are rarely sitting still, we don’t want you to ever feel rushed. Our trips have been designed and perfected, allowing us to focus on enjoying each destination we visit.

Maximum Enjoyment

Our passionate guides are active and adventurous meaning there’s never a dull moment. We’ve loaded the buses with surfboards, slack lines, snorkels, paddle boards, beach games, card games, skateboards, fishing gear and even a guitar for around the camp fire!

Minimum Stress

Throughout our adventure, you’ll have access to everything you need. There are no hassles regarding accommodation check ins/outs or finding somewhere to eat. With toilets, showers, cooking facilities and beds – wherever we are, you have it all. Just enjoy the adventures from dawn until dusk!

Don’t Just Take it From Us!

Based on 17 reviews
Jodie Denton
Jodie Denton
THE BEST TOUR FOR EXPLORING THE KIMBERLEY'S AND WEST COAST! I travelled the West Coast on the Perth to Broome tour this winter and it was so amazing. I've been travelling Australia for almost three years now and this is easily one of the best tours you can do and great value for money. The places we visited were stunning and I loved the variety of experiences you can do on the tour including snorkelling, sandboarding, hiking and checking out waterfalls. I didn't feel like I missed out on anything once the tour was over. It really was like hanging out with mates on a big road trip and the bus was a fantastic way to travel. It has everything you need for travelling including a comfortable bed, kitchen, BBQ, shower and toilets! Which means we got to camp in some beautiful remote places that you usually wouldn't because you're so self sufficient. It was so good that I decided to book another tour with them a month later from Broome to Darwin and have just finished it! The experience was amazing as before, the Kimberley's are beautiful and we got to see parts of Australia I didn't know existed. Because the bus tows a 4WD we were able to head out to some hard to get places that I definitely wouldn't have been able to do myself. These tours that really can be for everyone. Joe, Tom and Isa were amazing guides and I always felt safe wherever we were exploring. I even managed to push myself to face some of my fears of heights which I wouldn't have been able to do without their encouragement. I can't recommend this trip more and couldn't imagine a better way to see Australia. I will definitely look to book another trip again in the future!
T Conway
T Conway
I did the Perth to Broome trip in April 2022 with Joe. We visited all sights and spent a good amt of time at each. Joe kept us all safe and took us to places with the 4WD that werent easy to access. The bus was equipped with toilet, shower and beds. The set up was as advertised. This is an adventure trip and not a trip where Joe would be a tour guide providing information at each site. This is advertised but important to mention. At times i recommend Joe to take a neutral stance if there are disagreements between people on the tour. To keep it professional. Also recommend shifting activities to avoid too much sun exposure in the middle of the day where possible. I would recommend Joes tour to those looking for a budget way to see WA and willing to live with others for the 19 days this trip took.
Valerie Vlinder
Valerie Vlinder
The tour from Perth to Broome was awesome! If you wanna have a adventures and no rush tour book this! Chill vibe with everyone. It is so worth all the money! You can do everything you want. There is so much on the bus surf, sup and longboards, wetsuits, snorkels,… Joey had so much energy. I loved the little windows in my bed. Every morning and evening my head was out the window to watch the nature. Thank you that i had the chance to meet all these beautiful people!!
Hong Ing Ooi
Hong Ing Ooi
Recently completed the South West Loop trip in Nov21 and I would definitely recommend joining R2A. The bus design is BRILLIANT and there is everything you need - kitchen, hot shower, toilet, comfy bunk beds. Very organised and clean. Thanks Joe and Isa.
Sara García
Sara García
I did the South West Loop for 12 days in the bus and it was an amazing experience. First of all, great communication with Joe before the trip, solving any questions about the booking process and the trip. Then, the bus has everything you need inside, shower, toilet, beds are really comfortable and you have a little curtain for privacy and for me it’s something I really appreciate. Very convenient to tow 4wd… which makes the trip even more adventurous, in 2 minutes we parked the bus and jumped in the troopy to go off the beaten track. Many different activities during the whole trip with some flexibility from wine tasting, sunrise hike or jumping off rocks. Also some free time to do whatever you prefer being that either just sunbathe or practising your surfing skills. We slept in stunning places with amazing views and the atmosphere of the group and Joe and Isa made the trip something to never forget. So if you’re a bit lazy, don’t want to worry about were to go, you’re travelling alone or with a group of friends, you rely on someone who knows the little tricks and the best spots to go this is undoubtedly the trip for you. I’ll be back!
Sophie Price
Sophie Price
I recently went on the south-west loop tour and it was the best 12 days you could ask for! Joe took us to all the best spots and every day was jam packed full of adventure, amazing scenery and incredible experiences. The highlights for me were the sunrise hike up Bluff Knoll and Esperance. The bus was also great, comfortable and clean. It was awesome to go off the beaten track too with the troopy. 10/10!!!
Regina Besselsen
Regina Besselsen
I did the tour from Broome to Perth! And it was amazing! Joe and Isa are 2 fantastic persons. And they know how to organise things very well. It don't feels like a tour it feels more like a small family. Because you are only with 7 other people. I saw the most amazing sunsets/ sunrises. They took us to so many nice places. If you aks me what was my favourite thing. I can't even say you that because everything was so nice and beautifull. And the good thing is they can drop the bus and go on an adventure with the 4wd. That was so cool. Higly recommend!!!!!!!!!
Jessica Barkby
Jessica Barkby
I went on the Perth to Broome trip and it was amazing. Its just as advertised and living in the bus gave you all the comforts needed. The beds were comfy, the showers were as hot as a normal shower and the luxury of not having to go to the bathroom in nature when so remote was worth every cent! We also ate great meals as we could cook like in a regular kitchen. The small group size meant everyone became close really quickly and it was a really nice environment. The itinerary was flexible and Joe and Izza took us to so many great and off the beaten track places that I would never have found myself. There was no pressure to get places and we never felt rushed or pressured to see things the group wasn't keen on. They were super supportive and always there to give an extra hand or push you past your comfort zone to try new things, while still respecting boundaries. 10/10 would recommend and will definitely travel with them again!