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Perth to Exmouth Return OR South West Loop

Western Australia is a dream destination for kiteboarders and kitesurfers alike. Its consistent trade winds and vast coastline make it perfect for a kiting road trip. Whether you’re chasing waves or flat water lagoons, our hostel on wheels will take you to the best reef breaks and secret freestyle spots that WA has to offer.

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Perth to Exmouth Return

There are so many epic spots to kite in WA. The heat of the summer creates a consistent and powerful sea breeze known as the Fremantle Doctor. As the land heats up it draws cooler air in from the Indian Ocean typical hitting the coast at a steady 15 to 20 knots from the South West. Perfect conditions for kiting all along the coast from Perth to Exmouth!

Exmouth # Sandy Bay

Coral Bay


Sorka’s Point

Shark Bay

& so, so much more!

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To kickstart your holiday and kite safari we’ll head straight out of the city to Lancelin.

Lano is a popular weekend getaway for Perth kiters as it’s only 2 hours north of the city. Its most well known by wind chasers for the annual Lancelin Ocean Classic. This event hosts a 25km downwind race between the two fishing towns, Ledge Point and Lancelin. It’s a perfect destination to get kiting on the first day of your trip. The locals here welcome the weekenders as it’s never too busy to catch a wave or boost in the freestyle lagoon. Lancelin’s offshore reef creates a natural harbour where you can kite on flat water inside the south point or surf waves between the islands only 800m from shore.

Flying Kite Surfer @ Lano & Geraldton

between Lano and Geraldton

There’s a massive abundance of locations to kite between Lano and Geraldton so we can choose as a group where we’d prefer to stop for a session on the way up and again back down the coast. Wedge Island is a hidden gem with great wave riding conditions. Green Head is a tiny fishing / holiday town with little known offshore reefs and a bay deep enough for riding foils and working on your tricks. Dongara has hosted WAKSA’s annual ‘Kitestock’ festival since 2007 and a worthy stop off for the traveling kiter.


Geraldton is arguably the windiest city in the world, the trees here grow horizontally! It see’s daily averages of 20knots in summer but some days can be twice that. There’s beaches facing multiple directions, with waves and flat sections to please everyone.

Kite & Windsurfer @ Gnaraloo Beach kite spot

Coronation Beach

Just North lies Coronation Beach or ‘Coro’s’ by the locals. This is a super popular destination for obvious reasons but the 6 hour drive from Perth keeps it quiet for most of the year. ‘KiteWest’ have a school and small pop up shop here should you wish to indulge in the cafe or treat yourself to some new gear. This spot is renowned for wave riding because the southern swells hit the coast unrestricted and produce cranking left handlers over a fairly deep reef. Though mainly a wave spot most twin tippers love this location for the perfect wedges / ramps to boost off and the smooth runways between the waves. This cool place has a camp spot virtually on the beach so you can hang out in the water until dark or watch the kites flying as the sun sets from the roof of the bus.

The Pink Lake

The Pink Lake is both sweet and sour. Whilst the pictures look amazing and the water butter smooth, beneath the surface is a bed of razor sharp salt crystals waiting to tear your skin and kites to pieces. Add to this the mud, shallow depth and burning sensation when the water gets in your mouth, ears and eyes you’ll want to be super confident in your abilities! Trust me, it’s not pleasant!! If you still want to capture that perfect Kodak moment for the gram then I suggest saving this stop for the way back to Perth….

Shark Bay

Shark Bay is a one way 130 km detour from the main highway heading north so we’ll head before or after the Ningaloo reef depending on when the conditions are looking most favourable. It’s got more flat lagoons and virtually unexplored bays to ride than the town has people. The most iconic thing for kiters to do here is an extremely scenic and breathtaking downwinder from Nicholson Point to Big lagoon which is where the ocean cuts into the heart of the Francois Perron National Park.

Sorka’s point

Sorka’s point is a natural freestyle playground that’ll get you frothing just looking at it. There’s a low and skinny bar striking right out into a protected bay just waiting to be jumped. We’ve had heaps of fun here grabbing beers from each other whilst boosting from one lagoon to the other.
The area has no waves in the close proximity but the secret spots and jaw dropping scenery will please even the most hardcore wave riders.

Kite spot Sorka's Point & Gus the bus


Carnarvon is another worthy stop for the twin tippers. Its recently been holding its own ‘Windfest’ event bringing more awareness as a wind sports destination. The river mouth and Pelican Point are both great flat water spots. Carnarvon is really the gateway to the Ningaloo reef and the epic destinations ahead. From here we’ll start our drive to the remote ‘3 mile camp’ on Gnaraloo Station.


Gnaraloo is most well known for the world class surf break, ‘Tombstones’. You can paddle surf this incredible wave in the early mornings, then kite until your hearts content when the sea breeze kicks in. Tombstones can get as gnarly as it’s name depending on the size of the swell but there’s a couple of other spots nearby for those less daring.

Kite Waves @ Gnaraloo Surf & kite spot

Coral Bay

Coral Bay has some restrictions on where you can kite, however, there is a spot accessible by 4WD where you can kite over the pristine reef without damaging it, or your board!


Exmouth is a kiters paradise and probably the most popular holiday destination for WA kiters. Its no surprise Exmouth Surf Centre has a kite shop stocked better than those in the cities. Sandy Bay is the well known flat water spot in the area, and for good reason! The water is warm, smooth, shallow and super clear with a sandy bottom. Perfection. The hardcore wave riders will find what they’re looking for on the fringing reef almost a kilometre off-shore. A fair distance, but well worth the trek. Sandy point is another incredible flat water spot accessible by 4WD south of Yardie Creek. It’s virtually as idyllic as Sandy Bay but with deeper water and less tourists, so face planting isn’t going to hurt as much both physically and emotionally! A kite trip to the Ningaloo wouldn’t be complete without a downwinder from Graveyards to Wobiri. This incredible section will have you shredding waves the whole way with just your mates and a million turtles.

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