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Term’s & Condition’s

Road 2 Adventure is a traveling hostel and we are responsible for the accommodation and transport on your road trip. Everything outside of our vehicles is your responsibility. The bus has heaps of equipment on board like surf boards, skate boards, stand up paddle boards, snorkels, fishing gear and more which you are welcome to use for free AT YOUR OWN RISK! All activities associated or led by Road2Adventure are completely optional and anyone joining them accepts this as their choice and is aware that we cannot be held accountable if any unforeseen events should occur. This can include but is not limited to hiking, swimming, rock jumping, snorkelling, surfing, skateboarding, slack lining, climbing rocks etc. Anyone who books a Trip to travel with Road 2 Adventure must read and sign our liability waiver thus accepting this responsibility for themselves before starting a trip with us. This needs to be read, signed and returned to us at the time of booking. Confirmation of ticking the box during the booking process is equivalent to the signature of the relevant person.

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