Perth to Broome Trip In a Hostel-On-Wheels

Group photo on 4WD at Shark Bay

How it works: Not just another bus tour through Western Australia

We have designed this trip to explore the vast coast of Western Australia, offering the perfect combination of comfort and accessibility. Travelers can choose to start in Perth and finish their journey in Broome or travel from Broome to Perth. We travel on ‘Gus the bus’: our hostel-on-wheels, a converted vehicle that provides all the amenities that we need on a road trip, including comfortable beds, kitchen, toilets and shower! But that’s not all – we also have a troopy that tags along, our 4WD ready to tackle any off-road adventures and explore those hard-to-reach spots that other vehicles can’t reach. We run this trip from March till October so travellers can expect warm waters, dramatic gorges, pristine coral reef and an abundance of marine life. If you’re into snorkelling and hiking then this trip is the one for you! With only 8 guests per trip, this is a great way to connect with like minded people in a small group.


The itinerary: Perth to Broome and all in between

Perth, Wedge Island, Lancelin Sand Dunes, the Pinnacles

We like to start (or end) the trip with a buzz, so calling in at the Lancelin Sand Dunes for some sandboarding is a must! There’s also the chance to go quad biking or on some thrill rides with Mr Xtreme for an optional extra! Its almost a right of passage to jump from the jetty or head to the beach to wash the sand out from those tight spots!

group shot at sandbag dunes

Wedge Island is definitely worth a stop to check out the old fishing shacks that line the coast as well as the stunning beach, which can be ideal for learning to surf.

The Pinnacles are a major tourist attraction we’ll try and catch at golden hour when the crowds are gone and the lighting and shadows are at their best!

Jurien Bay, Geraldton, Stockyard Gully, Pink Lake, Kalbarri

The coastline between Jurien Bay and Geraldton is littered with beach side camping and hidden caves. You can wake up meters from the ocean and then head under ground at Stockyard Gully to check out the awesome caves and riverbeds that run beneath your feet.

For the trigger happy photographer the Pink Lake will not let you down! We’ll aim to camp near this gem so you can snap it at its finest during sunrise or sunset!

Drone shot of bus and the Pink Lake

Kalbarri has so much to offer, from awesome hikes to epic surf breaks. The high coastal cliff walks are great for spotting whales and dolphins and the Kalbarri Gorges are truly beautiful. Of course we can’t leave without the obligatory group photo at Natures Window.

Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, Quobba Blow Holes, Coral Bay, Exmouth Cape Range, Ningaloo Reef

Shark Bay is well worth the minor 300km detour to the west! The area has World Heritage status due to its rare abundance of Stromatalites but most famous for the dolphin feeding at Monkey Mia. ($15 entry fee included). Personally the gorgeous beachfront camp spot and 4WD adventure in Francois Perron National Park are the highlights for me! Especially with the naturally heated hot tub to finish the day in!

Another worthwhile detour is to check out Quobba Blow Holes, these are the best I’ve ever seen and seem to always be working. The wilder the ocean the higher the spray. Just around the corner there’s a sheltered lagoon full of corals and marine life for spot of snorkelling and a taste of what lies further north on the Ningaloo Reef.

Almost everyone traveling the west coast has heard of Coral Bay and Exmouth. They are so well known because the stunning Ningaloo Reef is so easily accessible from these places. It’s a miracle that it’s not as famous as the Great Barrier Reef because it’s equally, (if not more) amazing. You can expect to snorkel over huge colourful coral gardens full of life, from turtles, reef sharks and countless reef fish to the biggest in the ocean the ‘Whale Shark’. Tours to swim with Whale Sharks and Humpback Whales can be booked as optional extras whilst we’re here. Prices start around $360 pp.

Running parallel to the Ningaloo Reef lies Cape Range National Parks which has plenty of great walks into deep creeks and canyons where you’ll likely see the tiny Rock Wallabies hanging out on the cliff ledges. Follow these walks with a dip at Turquoise Bay, and you’ll not want to leave this place.

Karijini National Park, Port Hedland, 80 Mile Beach

600km inland from the coast is arguably the best National Park in Australia, Karijini! This place is definitely worth spending a few days exploring. The park is full of deep gorges and swimming holes giving a perfect balance between hiking in the red dirt and washing it all off in the cool pools. It’s also home to Mount Bruce, one of WA’s highest peaks and an incredible mountain to climb to watch sunrise.

The big drive between Karijini National Park and Broome is broken up with refreshing swims along the way. We stop in the major mining town of Port Hedland for a dip in the locals swimming hole and get to witness first hand the scale of the mining industry. Eighty Mile Beach, is another gem of a spot to take an evening dip and always provides the best sunsets.

Cable Beach & Broome

Whether you’re starting or finishing your trip in Broome, it’s not complete without a swim at Cable Beach or a jump from the rocks at Gantheume Point. Depending on the dates we might be lucky enough to watch the ‘Staircase to the Moon’ as the Moon rises over the mangroves and get a feed at the bustling night markets. Failing that, parking the bus on Cable beach and watching the sunset will make you want this road trip to never end!

What About The Meals? 

Our purpose was always building trips where our guests feels like its a road trip with friends. Once we are all together we will go to the supermarket and stock up on supplies before leaving the city. We usually all put $100 each into a kitty to buy evening meals and basic group stuff together. That fund normally lasts the whole trip. If you’re vegan or veggie we will just cook the same meal on the side using substitutes and extra veggies which works really well and keeps it sociable and less chaotic if we all cook and eat together. You’ll need to sort out your own lunches and breakfasts each day but we’ll stop at supermarkets every 4-5 days for you to restock. The kitchen is fully equiped to cook all your meals.

Who is this trip for?   

If you enjoy hiking, snorkeling, swimming, off-road adventures, and connecting with nature and like-minded people from around the world, then this trip is perfect for you. While some people come in small groups (2 or 3 friends), many of our guests also join on their own. If you’re eager to explore WA but are hesitant about joining a trip with strangers, don’t worry. We always foster a great atmosphere where everyone can connect with each other: we’re all here to have an amazing time together, and before you know it, you’ll have friends that will last for a lifetime.

selfie of backpackers roadtrip in western australia

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