Our Favourite Kitesurfing Spots In WA

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Our favourite kitesurfing spots in Western Australia

Western Australia is any kitesurfer’s paradise. It’s the home of some of the most pristine locations for both beginners and experienced riders. At Road 2 Adventure, we’ve been curating an exceptional kite safari tour over the years. We have been exploring the established kiteboarding locations and also uncovered some additional hidden spots that we are excited to share with fellow kiters. We are confident that we’ve developed an amazing itenarary that takes kiters to the best kitesurfing spots along the stunning WA coast. These are some of the places you might not want to miss on your next trip:

1. Coronation Beach

Located just north of Geraldton, Coronation Beach is a kitesurfing hotspot renowned for its consistent wind conditions and expansive sandy beaches. The flat water and reliable sea breeze make it an ideal location for riders of all levels. Whether you’re perfecting your jumps or learning the basics, “Coros” provides the perfect playground for every kitesurfer.

kiting at coronation beach

2. Shark Bay

Shark Bay is not only a UNESCO World Heritage site but also a fantastic kitesurfing destination. Its shallow, warm waters and steady winds create an ideal environment for long, exhilarating rides. The bay’s unique marine life, including dolphins and dugongs, adds an extra layer of excitement to your kitesurfing experience.

3. Lancelin

Lancelin, or Lano as its commonly known, is a popular weekend getaway for Perth kiters only 2 hours north of the city. Its most well-known by wind chasers for the annual Lancelin Ocean Classic. This event hosts a 25km downwind race between two fishing towns, Ledge Point and Lancelin. It’s a perfect destination to get kiting on the first day of your trip. The locals here welcome the weekenders as it’s never too busy to catch a wave or boost in the freestyle lagoon. Lancelin’s offshore reef creates a natural harbour where you can kite on flat water inside the south point or surf waves between the islands only 800m from shore.

4- Canarvon

Carnarvon is also a favourite for those who enjoy twin tipping. The recent Windfest event has helped to increase awareness of the area as a wind sports hotspot. Both the river mouth and Pelican Point offer excellent flatwater areas for kiters. Carnarvon serves as the entry point to Ningaloo Reef and other exciting destinations beyond.


5- Coral Bay

Coral Bay has some restrictions on where you can kite, however, there is a spot accessible by 4WD where you can kite over the pristine reef without damaging it, or your board!


6. Gnaraloo

Gnaraloo is famed for its world-class waves and stunning reef breaks, attracting kitesurfers and surfers alike. This spot offers a mix of challenging wave riding and flat water sections, catering to both adrenaline junkies and those looking to cruise. The remote location and crystal-clear waters make Gnaraloo an unforgettable kitesurfing destination.


7. Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a vibrant coastal town known for its thriving marine life and crystal-clear waters. The bay’s sheltered waters and reliable winds create perfect conditions for kitesurfing. After an exhilarating session on the water, you can explore the Ningaloo Reef and enjoy snorkeling with manta rays and colorful fish.

kiters at shark bay

8. Exmouth

Exmouth is a kitesurfing haven, offering a variety of spots suitable for different skill levels. From the flat waters of Sandy Bay to the wave breaks at Yardie Creek, Exmouth has it all. The town’s laid-back vibe and stunning natural beauty make it a favorite among kitesurfers looking to relax and ride the perfect wind.

Join Us on the Ultimate Kitesurfing Adventure

Our kite safari tour is designed to take you to these incredible kitesurfing spots, each offering its own unique charm and challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned kitesurfer or a beginner looking to dive into the sport, our kite trip provides the perfect combination of thrill, relaxation, and exploration.

Ready to ride the winds of Western Australia? Book your kite safari with Road 2 Adventure and discover why these spots are our absolute favorites. Adventure awaits!

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