Road 2 Adventure Bus Tours

Travel Australia in a Hostel on Wheels: Perth, Broome, Adelaide & Beyond

Road 2 Adventure offers 3 different tour circuits throughout Australia on 2 different buses equipped with beds, cooking facilities, bathroom facilities & a bit of extra room for fun! Each bus can accommodate 8 passengers, so spaces are limited. To reserve your spot so you don’t miss out, book your trip now.


Margaret River Region




& Beyond

Upcoming Bus Trips

Perth ⇄ Adelaide Trips

Perth to Adelaide

14th Jan – 1st Feb 2020

2nd – 20th March 2020

19th Nov – 7th Dec 2020

Adelaide to Perth

6th – 24th Feb 2020

25th March – 12th April 2020

Southwest Loop

14th – 25th Jan 2020

30th Jan – 10th Feb 2020

15th to 26th Feb 2020

2nd – 13th March 2020

18th – 29th March 2020

3rd – 14th April 2020

19th – 29th Nov 2020

Perth ⇄ Broome Trips

Perth to Broome

19th April – 7th May 2020

6th – 24th June 2020

12th – 30th July 2020

27th Aug – 14th Sept 2020

2nd – 20th Oct 2020

Broome to Perth

12th – 30th May 2020

17th June – 5th July 2020

4th – 22nd Aug 2020 FULLY BOOKED

9th – 27th Sept 2020

25th Oct – 12th Nov 2020

Broome ⇄ Darwin Trips

Broome to Darwin

12th – 25th May 2020

29th June – 12th July 2020

4th – 17th August 2020

19th Sept – 2nd Oct 2020

Darwin to Broome

30th May – 12th June 2020

17th – 30th July 2020  FULLY BOOKED

22nd Aug – 4th Sept 2020

7th – 20th Oct 2020


If you are a family or group of friends, ask Joe about booking the whole bus out! You can plan your own trip, or just send us your dates and wishes and we can plan it for you. The bus can accommodate up to 8 people of which 2 seats are approved to take child seats.

Where Do We Sleep?
What Facilities Are On Board?
Is Food Included?
What's for Dinner?
Who Does the Cooking?
What if I’m Vegan/ Veggie or Have Allergies?
Where Do We Sleep?

Where Do We Sleep?

The bus is set up with bunk beds so everyone can sleep inside in their own bed away from the dirt and creepy crawlies!

What Facilities Are On Board?

What Facilities Are On Board?

The bus is fully equipped with a flushing toilet, a hot shower as well as power and USB points for charging your phones, laptops and cameras.

Is Food Included?

Is food included?

Food is pretty much the only thing NOT included which allows you to plan your own meals together.

When we meet on the first day we will go to the supermarket and stock up on food before leaving the city. We usually all put $50 into a group food fund to buy ingredients to cook evening meals together and for basic items to share. This normally lasts about 12 to 14 days so works out around $4 a day!!!

This makes shopping cheap for everyone and helps to save space in the fridge. Everyone will need to sort out their own lunches and breakfasts but can use the basic shared items like milk, cheese, butter etc to save buying it just for themselves. We tend to stop at supermarkets every 4-6 days depending on the route.

What's for Dinner?

What’s for dinner?

The menu is up to you as a group. We encourage cooking healthy and hearty meals to give enough energy for the following days adventures. NOT your typical ‘2 minute noodles’ or ‘tuna pasta’! We have a full kitchen; hobs, grill, oven and a BBQ so you might as well treat yourselves!

Who Does the Cooking?

Who does the cooking?

You do! Everyone is encouraged to chip in and take it in turns to cook and clean up either in pairs or groups of 3. Whoever wants to cook can cook and those that don’t feel confident can just do the dishes. We’re all adults and travel as group of mates so share the responsibilities.

What if I’m Vegan/ Veggie or Have Allergies?

What if I’m Vegan/ Veggie or have allergies?

If you’re vegan or veggie we usually just cook the same meal on the side using substitutes and extra veggies. Its far more sociable and less chaotic if we all cook and eat together. If you are allergic to anything then make us all aware and we can shop accordingly.