Help us grow & we’ll reward you!

Road 2 Adventure Affiliate Program

A Win-Win-Win Project

can recommend us & earn a commission

You’re helping others
to find a unique way of travelling Australia

You’re helping us
by spreading the word

For every recommendation which results in a booking, we can either: 

Pay you out
$ 120-1905% (-Tax) of the booked Trip Value
  • via Paypal

How to? 

Register – Fill in your Details

Log in

Under “Affiliate URLs” you will find your link

Share the link on your Social Media, with friends, blogs, forums, etc.

You’ll be notified via E-mail, if someone books through your link.

Affiliate Policy

If you recommend us to other’s, just integrate your generated Link

You can promote Road2Adventure on Social Media

Feel free to share/mark R2A Social Media Accounts

Create Educational & Inspiring Content about R2A

Feel free to write about us on your Blogs & Articles

Place only the original R2A Logo & Banners

If you want, share your Affiliate Link with your Email Subscribers

Don’t use your Affiliate Link on Coupon & Deal Site’s

Don’t false Advertise R2A in any manner…

Don’t change our Logo & Banners

Don’t offer unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes

Don’t offer unofficial Discount & Coupon Codes

Don’t use your own Affiliate Link for your own Purchases

How does it work? 

Once we approve your application, you will receive a unique affiliate link and access to our marketing kit. All you need to do is place your link in your travel reviews, on your website, blog, articles or share with your community, etc.. Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer booked & participate on one of our Road Trip’s, you earn a commission after the person participated.

Should I choose “Paid Out” or “Discount”

“Paid Out” is the Option, if you do not want to travel with us or just want to get the money paid out in cash. If you want to travel with us at any given time it makes sense to save up via “Discount”, because of the double % (10% instead of 5%) we give for Discount. If your saving up multiple Discounts you may can financing your next Trip with us without any additional payments. For example, if you generated R2A 10 bookings via your Affiliate Link and did choose “Discount”, it’s time to check your calendar to book you in on one of our next Adventure’s.

Do I need to be on a trip with R2A before to get affiliate?

Nope, yout don’t. However, we have noticed that Customers who travelled with us wanting to recommend us anyway because of their positive experience. So we thought about how we can arrange a Win-Win-Win for this Situation. The more familiar you are with R2A, the easier it will be to recommend us.

How long will a Customer Cookie be attributed to my account?

Occasionally, it may take our customer a couple of days/weeks to make their booking. No worries, we will make sure you have that customer locked-in for 90 days! The affiliate who’s click was the last trigger before the booking earn’s the commission.

Can I choose “Paid Out” & “Discounts” for my balance.

No, you need to make a choice. The System we’re using doesn’t allow separate customer balance’s.